For the past several days, we have been highlighting a recent mission trip to Uganda on our website and Facebook page. Allen and Kristine James of The River Church in Hamilton recorded their trip in a journal as they went from a state of just over 1,000,000 to a city of 3,000,000. They have shared with us their joys, triumphs, struggles, and disappointments. You can follow this journey, as well as catch up on previous posts below or on our Facebook page.

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention impacts Montana with the Gospel.

We exist to work with churches and associations in mobilizing Southern Baptists as a missional force to impact Montana with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and church planting. Through the Church Strategies, Church Planting, and Next-Gen teams, the MTSBC is assisting Montana churches in reaching people in need with practical help and the hope of the gospel.
"Commitment" - A Cooperative Program Story