Ministry Specialists

ONE OF THE GOALS of the Church Strengthening Team is to network our MTSBC churches to collaborate in our collective mission. Each church has persons with specialized skills and gifting that can encourage, exhort, and equip sister churches in specific areas of ministry. As we train, coach, and resource one another, we will have a greater Kingdom impact across Montana.

Got Questions?

Contact one of our ministry specialist for ideas and ministry tools they use to serve their own church. Ask to shadow their ministry and get connected to upcoming training opportunities.

Got Skills?

Are you willing to share your ministry experience as a volunteer? Contact to learn how you can help others be more effective in ministry.

Our Specialists


Lesli Frost

Lesli serves as the Preschool Director at Easthaven Baptist Church in Kalispell.

Sharon Clark

Sharon serves as the Preschool Director at Big Sky Baptist Church in Helena.

Jamie Arbizzani

Jamie serves as the eKids Director at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Billings.


Randall Jackson

Randall serves as the Pastor of Choteau Baptist Church in Choteau.


Virginia Power

Virginia serves as the Director of Next Steps at Elevation Church in Billings. Next Steps helps people navigate whatever is next for them. Relationship with Jesus, Baptism, Small Groups, Read your Bible, by greeting, praying, helping, guiding.


Sharon Ellington

Sharon serves as the Executive Director of the Montana Southern Baptist Women and lives in Jordan.


Greg Payton

Greg serves as the Pastor of The Rock Church in Laurel.