Church Revitalization


In partnership with the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, any MTSBC church can begin a revitalization process. Find preaching tools, equipping videos, revitalization assessments, and get personalized coaching.

God can make any church come alive, but its people must turn to the Lord and experience revitalization God’s way. The five revitalization principles of church renewal that every church needs to experience are:

  • A fresh, biblically based vision from the Lord
  • A restored unity of the people
  • Mobilization of the membership to do the will of God
  • A renewed commitment to outreach and evangelism
  • Life-giving empowerment by the Holy Spirit

Is your church in need of spiritual renewal or revitalization? The SBTC provides RevTalks online. These monthly web events help pastors seeking to lead their church in a turnaround. This training consists of the SBTC methods for revitalizing a local church. Are you ready to launch a spiritual renewal process for the purposes of revitalizing the church?


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Revitalize & Replant is sponsored by the North American Mission Board and More than 10% of churches in North America are at risk of closing and the North American Mission Board is committed to reversing this trend by decreasing the death rate of existing churches while simultaneously increasing the birth rate of new churches. To learn more about what it means to become a replanting pastor or to explore resources for replanting and revitalization in your own church, visit