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Right Now Media

RightNow Media has video studies for small groups, families, students, leadership development, and much more.

Are you a pastor or staff member in an MTSBC Church? Ask for a free family subscription. Email dhales@mtsbc.org for more information.

Making Disciples Podcast

Co-hosts Robby Gallaty and Chris Swain will help you make Jesus’ final words your first work. In each episode, you will hear a discussion about discipleship and disciple-making in the local church. So if you’re a pastor or leader, in every episode, you will hear insight on various elements of discipleship and tips to implement in your own context.

Group Answers Podcast

Co-hosts Chris Surratt and Brian Daniel will help you resource, train, and encourage small group leaders. In each episode, you will consider current trends and resources, as well as timeless truths and methods of discipleship through groups. So if you oversee small groups in your church or are leading one yourself, this podcast is for you.

"We help ministry leaders connect into authentic disciple making relationships through coaching, training & equipping."

Jim’s passion is discipleship through small groups. With his background in sports and coaching, he believes in the value of strong coaching as a means to disciple others. Find insightful
articles, podcasts and discipleship resources.

IMB/Courses Deepen Discipleship


Reading Deepen Discipleship will be challenging—and to do it well, we’ll need a community of believers and a lot of time. But this shouldn’t surprise us: following Jesus faithfully also takes people and time

Deepen Discipleship is a simple process, but it’s not easy. It is an interactive discipleship process that will prepare Christians for both local and global disciple-making in the context of local church community. Of topic, it’s also about deepening your relationship with God and others. Deepen Discipleship will help you develop and deepen discipleship routines in community. In other words, it’s not designed as a Bible reading plan to be done alone. You should find at least one other Deepen Discipleship partner so that you can learn and obey together.

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Seven Bold Moves and the Discipleship Forum are resources from our partners with the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.

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Seven Bold Moves every church needs to make to become a disciple making church

Churches have been conditioned to develop education based programmatic steps to make disciples. The focus has been on completion of a course, not spiritual replication, but to be a disciple who makes disciples requires a deep relational commitment. Our mandate must remain centered on helping people mature, so they can replicate their life into the lives of others.


We are disciples, church leaders, and disciple-making networks who seek to make disciples who make disciples. We offer an invitation to join our private Facebook Group, free disciple-making eBooks, and dozens of other great disciple-making resources, along with weekly updates.

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