Annual Church Profile

How to complete your ACP:

1. Log in to your SBC Workspace account
2. Enter Username and Password & click on "Log On"
3. Click on Enter ACP Data
4. Click on Enter Annual Church Profile Survey
5. Answer the 14 questions and click on Save Responses.
6. If you need to update or change Church name or address information click on “Enter Congregational Information” on the Menu page to do so.
7. If you are having trouble or have any questions, please contact Jeannie Hayes.

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Sexual Abuse Resources

Email a report of abuse

LEARN HOW TO SAFEGUARD the children you serve and train your volunteer workers to protect them.
Visit MinistrySafe

A unified call to action for churches to confront the abuse crisis

Caring Well is an initiative of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group.

Visit Caring Well

Yellowstone Christian College Resource Library

Visit Online
Get Directions

Evangelism Tent