Get Real East on Easter?

Adam BurtAll Enews, Next-Gen

Get Real East 2016

It’s probably not your first thought to promote a student event around Easter. From egg hunts to Good Friday services and Easter Sunday itself, there is a lot going on! And of course, the main focus of Easter should be our Risen Savior. So why promote a student event around Easter? Because you may not see some of those folks … Read More

Loving People in Lincoln, MT

Jessica CruschAll Enews

Gene and Pamela Young

Gene and Pamela Young were both born and raised in Texas and spent much of their lives there; Pamela taught elementary education and Gene was involved in the oilfield for 38 years. Though Young held a secular job, he was very much involved at First Baptist Church in Mixon, TX. Serving as a deacon, Sunday School director, and in mission’s … Read More

Creating evangelism culture focus of Engage 24 event

Baptist PressAll Enews

Engage 24

LAS VEGAS (BP) — “We are five men who are sharing our laboratory results,” said Hal Seed, senior pastor at New Song Community Church in Oceanside, Calif., at this year’s Engage 24 Workshop. “We are sharing stories of real-life churches that are doing things to reach the lost that will hopefully spark a thought or idea.” Engage 24 was hosted … Read More

‘Shorty’ the church bus: An unlikely evangelism tool

Baptist PressAll Enews

Shorty the Church Bus

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (BP) — Many churches now operate a bus ministry which usually involves transportation of members and visitors from the church to their home and vice versa. However, Timothy Baptist Church in Muskogee, Okla., has an interesting bus ministry that takes the church into the community. “Shorty is a small, old school bus that I kind of had the … Read More

Let’s Talk

Barrett DukeAll Enews


One of our greatest joys in serving the pastors and churches of Montana is visiting with them. It has been a wonderful blessing to share a meal and the word all over the state this past year. Yet, for all our travel, and all the travel to come this year, I know we still won’t be able to be as … Read More

What to Teach?

Adam BurtAll Enews, Next-Gen

Ascend Live

Every teacher wants to know that what they’re teaching students is impactful, relevant, and biblically accurate. But how can you know if a certain curriculum is right for you and your students? By choosing from some tried and respected sources for quality youth programing. Here are some options that I personally trust to help students understand and apply the truths … Read More

Challenges of Planting a Church

William JohnsonAll Enews, Planting Team

Brennan's Wave, Missoula

There is no question that every ministry has its challenges. Sometimes the success of the ministry is recognizing those challenges and being prepared to work through each and every one. The following list highlights some, but definitely not all, of the challenges of church planting. Although each point has a short description – an article could be written on each. … Read More

How Precious Is the Spirit of a Child

Ray WillisAll Enews

The Smiling Sisters

According to our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing the Gospel with whomever will listen is the top priority He assigned as recorded in the Gospels. Historically, Southern Baptists have focused on that priority at every level. As a twelve-year-old boy, I attended a Royal Ambassador summer camp and learned of Jesus’ love for me and my need for a personal relationship … Read More

Polson Pastor Seeing God Work

Jessica CruschAll Enews

Pastor Wade Barnes

Pastor Wade Barnes was born and raised in Oakville, MS, and attended the same church his entire life. He worked at different jobs, including lumber inspection and as an Interpretive Park Ranger with the National Park Service. In 2006, God called Pastor Barnes to the ministry and, in Barnes’ words, “pushed him directly into the pulpit.” There was no question … Read More