The Cooperative Program: A Brilliant Solution

Barrett DukeAll Enews

Imagine 30,000 fellow Southern Baptists coming to your church every year asking for money to help them fulfill God’s calling in their lives. That would be more people than we have in all our Montana Southern Baptist churches combined! It would be about 600 different people each Sunday, which is more people than attend the average Southern Baptist church on … Read More

The Power of Partnership in Montana

Lee MerckAll Enews, Planting Team

It’s good for our churches in Montana to be reminded that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Recently on a national level, 200 NEW missionaries were sent out by 174 different Sending Churches to plant in 34 states and three Canadian provinces, to share the hope of the gospel in 7 different languages. This is the power of … Read More

Celebrating the Call to Plant Churches in Montana

Lee MerckAll Enews, Planting Team

On June 8, 2023, John and Jenny Corder moved from Elgin, South Carolina to Glendive, Montana to plant a new church to reach lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Answering God’s call, they sold their home, resigned from their jobs, said goodbye to family and friends, packed up a U-Haul, and set out on a 1,848-mile journey across … Read More

NAMB next gen coaching cohorts equip youth, collegiate leaders

Baptist PressAll Enews

By Brandon Elrod ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Christians have focused energy on passing down “the faith that was delivered to the saints once for all” for centuries. Each time one generation passes on the baton to the next, new challenges surface. Rapid changes in technology and cultural shifts, however, have seemingly made the task more daunting. From April 19-20, the North … Read More

Baptism Sunday

Darren HalesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

One of the great joys of summer is to see our churches celebrating baptism in the lakes and rivers of Montana. While the sun is hot, we seek to take advantage of the narrow window of opportunity for this format, even though the water is still very much cold. As those who have responded to the Gospel with repentance and faith identify … Read More

This Is the Time to Plan for 2021 Residencies

Michael LinerAll Enews, Planting Team


We just wrapped up an unusual and challenging summer, and now is the time to begin to prayerfully look at next year’s possibilities and opportunities. If the Lord tarries, we should all be found investing and developing missional disciples. It won’t happen by accident. It takes the intentionality of leaders to make it happen. We have a tremendous resource of … Read More

Shane Pruitt: Don’t Forget About Your One!

North American Mission BoardAll Enews, Strengthening Team

So much has changed around us since this year began. And with so many different shifts and transitions, it could be easy to get into our own silos and forget about our greater calling as Christians to give Jesus and the gospel to those who are lost. National Next Get Evangelism Director, Shane Pruitt provides a timely and encouraging reminder … Read More

‘Who’s Your One?’ emphasis officially launched

Baptist PressAll Enews, Strengthening Team


ALPHARETTA, Ga.(BP) — The North American Mission Board (NAMB) officially launched the “Who’s Your One?” evangelism initiative today (Feb. 26) as part of an effort to encourage Southern Baptists to engage people with gospel conversations throughout the year. This evangelism emphasis asks believers to pray for and focus on one individual in the hope that that person may come to … Read More

Beating evangelism paralysis

North American Mission BoardAll Enews


There’s something about pastoring a church that causes us to stay in perpetual research mode. Maybe it’s our seminary training. Maybe it’s the stats and facts we live in daily. Who knows? What I have noticed is that many pastors suffer from “analysis paralysis.” What’s that? Wikipedia gives a great definition: Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) … Read More

Learning from the learners

North American Mission BoardAll Enews

By Rick Duncan I had an “aha” moment as I stood in a prayer circle in May 2018 at Severn Run Church in Baltimore with Phil Gifford, Josh Bradley, and J.D. Mangrum. Phil and Josh were helping lead; J.D was going to be trained. He had arrived two hours early, while we were setting up. Since “training begins when the … Read More