Shane Pruitt: Don’t Forget About Your One!

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So much has changed around us since this year began. And with so many different shifts and transitions, it could be easy to get into our own silos and forget about our greater calling as Christians to give Jesus and the gospel to those who are lost.

National Next Get Evangelism Director, Shane Pruitt provides a timely and encouraging reminder that in this season of global flux, we need to be sharing Jesus with our one now more than ever.“Despite how the world has changed, one person sharing Christ with another is the real change.” —Shane Pruitt

Who’s Your One: New Resources

One reason why The Who’s Your One evangelism movement has been so impactful is because it’s so simple. Sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be as daunting and intimidating as we’ve sometimes made it. It can be as simple as finding your one, whether through family, close friends, neighbors or co-workers. Then, commit to serving your one. A note of encouragement, sending a gift card or even just a thoughtful text message is a good start.

Finally, be willing to start a gospel conversation, even if by asking how you can pray for them, and then continuously asking God to soften their hearts for the gospel. Go to to find more practical ways to lead your church (or yourself) to identifying and sharing with your one!

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