Reaching People through Literacy Missions

Ray WillisAll Enews, MTSBC Churches

From the earliest days of humanity on this earth, God has set forth HIS commitment to redeem those who have become estranged from Him through rebellion and disobedience. To that end, when Adam and Eve sinned, it was God who became the first Evangelist by approaching our first ancestors and confronting them about their sin. He then provided a blood … Read More

Polson Pastor Seeing God Work

Jessica CruschAll Enews

Pastor Wade Barnes

Pastor Wade Barnes was born and raised in Oakville, MS, and attended the same church his entire life. He worked at different jobs, including lumber inspection and as an Interpretive Park Ranger with the National Park Service. In 2006, God called Pastor Barnes to the ministry and, in Barnes’ words, “pushed him directly into the pulpit.” There was no question … Read More