I’m Ready for Some Refreshing

Barrett DukeAll Enews

Our Fall meeting is aptly named Refresh. I’m ready for some of that. My guess is that you are, too. The summers in Montana are loaded with activity. Our families are busy, and our churches are busier all summer long. Soon, we’ll be gearing up for the holidays. In between the summer crush and the holiday busyness, we have opportunity … Read More

Crossover Kalispell is Coming

Barrett DukeAll Enews

On Saturday, October 5, we will hold our second Crossover event. This time we’ll be reaching people in the Kalispell area. Named after the same event the Southern Baptist Convention has been holding for years now, Crossover reminds us of the vision the Apostle Paul had one night. Luke tells us: During the night Paul had a vision in which … Read More

Those Who Serve the Lord Never Truly Retire

Jessica CruschAll Enews

Pastor Lee

Many people work most of their adult lives in the hopes that when they reach a certain age, they will be able to retire; putting in long hours and even at times missing important events to be able to enjoy those “golden years.” For Pastor Lee Engbretson, God had other plans when he reached retirement. God called him to plant … Read More

Start in Kalispell

mtsbcPotential Church Starts

Population 22,761 Elevation 2,984 About this Location – More discoverkalispell.com See more church starting opportunities Ask a question about church starting in Montana