Summer Vision Tour 2018

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Vision Tour 2018

This year marked the fourth consecutive year that MTSBC has hosted a Summer Vision Tour to share ministry opportunities in Montana with potential planters and sponsoring churches. This year, Michael Liner and William Johnson hosted guests from Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico. In two days, the group covered 572 miles, stopping along the way to gather stories about communities, churches, … Read More

Start in St. Marie

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Population 264 Elevation 2,771 About this Location St. Marie is a small rural town in Northeast Montana. It is the home to an abandoned air base from the 1970’s. The based once housed 2,500 airmen in duplexes and quadraplexes. Some of these buildings have been purchased and refurbished. The population of St. Marie is approximately 300 residents. The runway remains … Read More

Start in Sidney

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Population 6,566 Elevation 1,967 About this Location Sidney is the Sunrise City of Montana and the county seat of Richland County. It is less than 10 miles away from the North Dakota border. The population is estimated to be around 6,500. The city lies along the Yellowstone River and is in proximity to the badlands of the Dakotas. Sidney relies … Read More

Start in Miles City

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Population 8,647 Elevation 2,362 About this Location Miles City is the 11th largest city in Montana, with a population of nearly 8,700. It is located in the southeastern region of the state. Founded in 1876, Miles City is rich in history. Almost all of the major attractions have a tie back to the history of the city. • The Range … Read More

Start in Hamilton

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Population 4,674 Elevation 3,625 About this Location Hamilton, Montana serves as the county seat of Ravalli County, which spans the Bitterroot Valley area east of the Bitterroot Mountain Range divide and West of the Sapphire Mountain Range divide in western Montana. The Bitterroot River bisects the valley and flows through the town. Over 4,500 people reside in the city limits … Read More

Start in Great Falls

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Population 58,505 Elevation 3,398 About this Location Great Falls is: • A first-class Montana city that was founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1888 • The county seat of Cascade County • The third largest city in Montana, with a population of 58,505 • Located on the Missouri River in Central Montana, approximately 50 miles east of the Continental Divide … Read More

Start in Florence

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Population 765 Elevation 3,346 About this Location It isn’t Italy, but Florence, Montana does have a good Italian restaurant. Florence is a bedroom community of Missoula. The community lies twenty miles south of Missoula in Ravalli County in the scenic Bitterroot Valley. The town is nestled between the feet of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountain Ranges. The Bitterroot River flows … Read More

Start in Culbertson

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Population 804 Elevation 1,919 About this Location Culbertson is a community of ranches located 65 miles north of Miles City on Highway 59. There is a post office, elementary school, and community center located in this rural, Eastern Montana community. The population of this rural town is just over 800. It was established in 1887 following the arrival of the … Read More

Start in Roundup

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Population 1,840 Elevation 3,198 About this Location SIZE Roundup, Montana is the ultimate cowboy town! With just over 1,500 residents and a one-hour drive from Billings, the town is perfect for anyone desiring to start a church in a true rural setting with close proximity to a larger city. FLAVOR Roundup is the final stop for a small town feel … Read More

Start in Kalispell

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Population 22,761 Elevation 2,984 About this Location – More See more church starting opportunities Ask a question about church starting in Montana