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Roundup, Montana is the ultimate cowboy town! With just over 1,500 residents and a one-hour drive from Billings, the town is perfect for anyone desiring to start a church in a true rural setting with close proximity to a larger city.

Roundup is the final stop for a small town feel before you drive into sparsely populated desert areas in northern and eastern Montana. There is a smaller, yet distinct, downtown area, as well as, a few local restaurants. The main street meanders through by the gas station with plenty of wide-open space in view on the edges of town. Residents will usually make monthly or weekly trips into Billings to meet their major shopping needs.

Roundup is a fantastic place for a cowboy culture family to start a modern style church, as there has been very little work of this style attempted in the community. The church climate is relatively older in nature, with very little new work attempted in recent years.

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