Uganda Mission Trip Journal – Allen and Kristine James

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April 8, 2018

This morning we loaded up our luggage, dressed up in our Sunday best, and traveled to Kampala. It was required for me to wear a suit to preach by Steve and Doug. Interestingly, when we arrived at the church, we were the only ones wearing suits. I’m not mad. I was just very hot!

The worship was incredible. They sang for more than an hour. Man did they sing. They danced, played music, and sang as well as any praise team I have ever heard. They used a blend of western praise and worship and Lugandan songs. It was exciting and very worshipful. I was very blessed today.
I preached without an interpreter. I think they understood some of it.

I met the spiritual elder of the region today. He is affectionately referred to as “Pastor Butch.” As soon as we met, we were kindred spirits. Our fellowship today was sweet. I look forward to the coming week.