Ukrainian believers: ‘Standing on our knees’

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By by Nicole Leigh KHARKOV, Ukraine (BP) — It was still dark outside as I rose to go to prayer. A chill in the room told me that it was going to be a frigid mile walk to the square. I wanted to crawl back under the covers but resisted. “I’ve been doing this for only three days while my Ukrainian … Read More

Think Churches and Religious Schools Will Be Safe from the “Equality Act”? Think Again.

Sarah KramerAll Enews

You might expect churches and religious schools, of all places, to remain safe from the government’s meddling hands. Our Constitution does guarantee religious freedom, after all. But if the “Equality Act” is passed, not even churches and religious schools will be safe from the government’s reach. The deceptively named Equality Act was introduced in both houses of Congress in March … Read More

Protect Your Church in 2019

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On January 16th, we celebrated Religious Freedom Day. Unfortunately, however, many churches across the country are experiencing legal issues that are challenging our constitutional protections. Churches are experiencing legal challenges relating to facility use, employment regulations, gender identity and sexual orientation laws, and more. Most churches have governing documents like bylaws and constitutions, as well as policies that can help … Read More

Religious Freedom Issues Facing Churches Across America

Josh ChumleyAll Enews, Strengthening Team

With over 24 years of service, at all court levels, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has seen the cultural and legal trends clearly shift against the Church. In this article, ADF shares some of the current legal issues churches face and how you can help prepare and protect your church. With the culture the way it is today, we at Alliance … Read More