Protect Your Church in 2019

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On January 16th, we celebrated Religious Freedom Day. Unfortunately, however, many churches across the country are experiencing legal issues that are challenging our constitutional protections. Churches are experiencing legal challenges relating to facility use, employment regulations, gender identity and sexual orientation laws, and more.

Most churches have governing documents like bylaws and constitutions, as well as policies that can help protect them in these challenging times. But these documents are often incomplete or need a legal guide to help ensure they are properly prepared.

Without sound legal advice, churches may be unnecessarily exposing themselves to legal risk.

You can help protect the religious freedom of your church by having an attorney review your governing documents, bylaws, and policies to make sure they are written in a way that provides legal protection.

We’ve partnered with ADF Church Alliance to make this easy and affordable! ADF Church Alliance is a membership program of Alliance Defending Freedom, the world’s largest religious liberty legal organization. Once your church joins, you can start taking advantage of the many benefits, including the document review.

This month we encourage you to take a stand for religious liberty with two simple steps:

  1. Become a member of ADF Church Alliance: Click here to apply and use our partner promo code MTSBC2018 for a 20% discount.
  2. After you become a member, send your church documents to ADF attorneys for a thorough religious liberty review.

Activate your membership and get the religious freedom legal help your church needs by joining ADF Church Alliance at

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