MPACT 2024: Mobilizing for The Gospel

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MPact 2024 is only three months away! We’ll be meeting at the Marriott Delta Hotel, 2301 Colonial Drive, in Helena on March 7 and 8. It seems further away than that because we still have the Christmas and New Year celebrations ahead of us. But once we turn the calendar page to January 2024, MPact is going to be staring us in the face. I hope you’re making plans now to join us for these two important days.

We’ve been working our way up to MPact 2024 for many years. Each year, we’ve equipped our churches with various skills to strengthen them for the call to go out into all the world with the gospel. COVID pulled the plug on our initial timetable, so we needed a couple extra years after that to build back. Now, we’re there and ready for MPact 2024.

You’ll find the schedule for MPact 2024 posted online, including the hotel information you need to make reservations for any of your church members. Remember, we will make the room reservation for you if you are an MTSBC pastor. Register for MPact 2024 now and make your hotel reservations early so you get the most out of MPact.

When you look at the schedule, you’ll see two distinct themes reflected in our plenary sessions. On Thursday, we’re going to have one of the most successful church revitalization leaders in the SBC with us. Mark Clifton was doing church revitalization before it was called that. God has gifted this man with just what plateaued and struggling churches need to get going again. He has numerous successful revitalizations to his credit. Our mobilization theme includes a full day on revitalization because we know that declining, plateaued, discouraged churches aren’t going to have much success mobilizing to take the gospel to hard places. If you’re pastoring one of these churches, you need what Mark can tell you before you can lead your church to fulfill its missions potential. Even if you don’t pastor a church in need of revitalization, I guarantee you’ll get some fantastic counsel on how to help keep your church on mission.

On the second day of MPact, we’ll be hearing from ministry leaders at the SBC International Mission Board and Alberta. They’re going to talk about the unique challenges of international missions and share about the opportunities awaiting our churches just across the Canadian border and around the world. I’m planning to lead panel discussions with some of these leaders on the platform so we can make sure we get to the heart of what we need to know as we mobilize our churches to be on mission.

The breakout sessions for MPact 2024 are nearly ready for posting, too. Many of the breakout sessions will be about mobilization. IMB and Alberta leaders will be available to talk more in depth about how you can bring your church onto the mission field. This is where you and your missions leaders can begin to get the in-depth information you need to take your mission trip.

Mark Clifton is going to lead a breakout session in addition to leading two plenary sessions. His breakout session will be titled: “Battling Depression in Ministry.” I don’t know about you, but this was one of my greatest challenges as a church planter in Denver. I didn’t keep a journal because I didn’t want anyone to ever know how depressed I was most of the time. Mark’s years of interaction with pastors of declining and plateaued churches has given him invaluable insight into the unique needs of pastors.

I think you can tell that I’m very excited about what we’re going to be doing at MPact 2024. I feel like we’ve been preparing for this since I got here. This is what Go Montana is all about. Make plans now to attend and ask your missions leadership to come with you. If you don’t have any missions leadership in your church, this is a perfect time to recruit someone or several someones and help them catch a vision for what’s possible in your church. If you feel that that you need day one of MPact 2024 right now more than you need day two, then ask your deacons and church ministry leaders to come with you. You’ll need them to be on board with you to get your church healthy enough to be on mission each and every year from now on.

Please go online and register for MPact 2024 right now so we can know how many people are coming and begin to prepare for everyone. Be assured that I and all of your MTSBC team pray for our pastors and churches regularly. I’m also praying that you’ll join us for MPact 2024 and that God will use this event to begin a great missions and evangelism movement among our churches that will ultimately result in more energized churches who will not only help reach the world with the gospel but also Montana.

I’m already looking forward to being with you. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year celebration. Jesus still reigns. We know how it’s all going to end. In the meantime, we have work to do.

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Barrett Duke

Barrett Duke is the Executive Director and Treasurer for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.