Yellowstone Christian College Moves to Kalispell

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Yellowstone Christian College (YCC) has moved to Kalispell. We moved from our Billings Campus to our newly purchased Campus of 563 acres with existing education buildings. The new campus was a former preparatory school that included classrooms, gym, cafeteria, pool, and offices for faculty. The move to the new campus allows YCC to improve and expand our faculty and staff, and our academic opportunities. I, and the Board of Directors, believe that the move to the new campus is the will of God. He led us to the campus in Kalispell. That is a conviction that is shared by all involved. Since we have a working relationship with the Montana Southern Baptist Convention, we seek to work with them to impact the world through Christian higher education in Kalispell.

The move to Kalispell has necessitated some growth changes. The promotion of our Athletic Director Kyle Spencer to Vice President of Student Services fills a growing need with one whose heart is already committed to the relational aspects of student life. Kyle has proven his value and skills while working as A.D. and head basketball coach. He brings the same level of committed excellence to his new role as he did to his previous one.

Dr. Les Walton serves as our Executive Vice President. His primary responsibilities are the business office and campus maintenance. Les has served at YCC for over three years and taught adjunct classes for over five years. He loves the Lord and is a blessing to our campus.

Mrs. Vanessa Lund is our librarian and the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA). She has served YCC for over two years as the librarian. Quite frankly, she is a librarian extraordinaire! She has recently assumed the Interim position of VPAA so that we can have time to seek the person of God for the permanent role. Vanessa is articulate, organized, and a hard worker. YCC is blessed to have her on staff. 

Miss Aragorn Thacker has recently moved from Chattanooga State in Tennessee to serve as our Title IV director. She accepted the position this summer. As president, I saw her skill set and have asked her to take on the new role of Assistant Registrar while we seek a new person for the Title IV position. Once that person is secured, Aragorn will become the permanent Registrar for YCC. She is also organized, articulate, experienced, and a joy to work with at YCC.

New Articulation Agreement with Little Big Horn College

Our articulation agreement with Little Big Horn College is a significant academic development. It represents our commitment to share with them what God has given us. I believe the interchange between campuses and students will be both rich and rewarding for all involved. We extend our deep gratitude to Dr. David Yarlott, Jr., president of LHBC, for his conviction and foresight in creating this partnership.

Student Enrollment

The move to Kalispell created two campuses for Yellowstone Christian College. We still have a Billings campus that houses our non-traditional students. These students are older, married, have permanent jobs and some of them have children. At the same campus we also have about 20 early enrollment students. These students are high school students who are dual enrolled in our program while finishing high school. All Billings students are in a cohort system. The Billings campus has 30 students.

Little Big Horn College (LBHC) is also a cohort system of education. The arrangement with LBHC is unique in that YCC provides certain courses and professors for their students to complete a BA in Business. The requirement that we insisted upon was that their students must take five Bible classes offered by YCC professors. This means that we most likely have unsaved students, attending our classes, that will be exposed to the gospel and other biblical content. I am viewing this opportunity as missional. The LBHC has 15 students enrolled.

At the Kalispell campus our enrollment is approximately 25 students who are studying Business, Psychology, or Christian Leadership. Most of these students are freshmen but we do have returning sophomores. The total count for all campuses is 70 students.

Campus Challenges

Currently YCC has some financial and facility maintenance challenges that we are asking the Lord to move upon His people to provide for our Kalispell Campus.

  • Pray for Sale of Billings Campus. It is currently listed at $5.6 million,
  • Recruitment Funding: $50,000 for the year,
  • Hot Water Damage & Repair on Men’s Dorm: $25,000,
  • 6 Months Operating Capital: $500,000,
  • Monthly payment on Campus: $40,000,
  • Dean of Women and Exercise Science Faculty (Same person): $50,000,
  • Pay Off Campus: $7 million.

Campus Dedication Day

Dr. and Mrs. Dorothy Patterson were the obvious choice to lead YCC in our Dedication Service. From the time of the Kalispell Campus purchase, God put in my heart a Day of Dedication. The goal was to honor the Lord by dedicating our new campus to Him for His purpose. My desire is to train Christian young men and women, grounded in a biblical worldview, to impact Montana, the Northwest, the United States, and the world for Jesus Christ. Dr. Patterson was invaluable in leading our wonderful service. Mrs. Patterson gave me and my wife lessons about godly, social functions that only years of experience can account for. We are indebted to both for their ministry to YCC and especially to me and my wife, Stacy.

After the Dedication service, the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed YCC to the community with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Dedication Day was a spiritually encouraging day on our campus. Many dignitaries and business leaders attended along with several pastors from the area.

It is my personal belief that God was glorified by the leadership of our team and Dr. Patterson’s sermon. He preached a timely message on the “Begged Axe” from II Kings 6. We were challenged to remember that we can look to God for every miracle we need as YCC grows. We were also exhorted to remember our purpose for the new campus – to be a witness to Jesus Christ.


Although I’ve been here less than a year, I have been privileged to work with the finest Southern Baptists anywhere, whose burden for enriching the Church and for evangelizing the world finds fruition, in part, through the efforts of Yellowstone Christian College. My thanks to you all who support us through the Cooperative Program, individual gifts, and with prayers to the God we all serve.

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Dr. Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones is the president of Yellowstone Christian College. He has also contributed to Christian scholarship via his books, teaching courses, and leadership of the Christian Studies Division at Louisiana College (SBC) in Pineville. He and his wife, Stacy, have two children and a daughter-in-law. In his spare time, Dr. Jones enjoys riding his 2014 Road King Harley Davidson, and drinking coffee anytime and anywhere!