God is Good…All the Time

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God is good…all the time. And all the time…God is good. This is something you frequently hear at Trinity Baptist Church in Billings Heights.

It was the first Sunday morning in March when the members at TBC voted on a goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. “Well, we stretched ourselves last year when we set a goal of $2,500.00. Do we want to try for $3,000.00 or just go with $2,500.00 again?” a veteran member questioned (skeptically). A short discussion ensued. Then someone suggested $5,000.00. There was a moment of silence and then everyone was talking at once, some laughing, some giving reasons why that was an impossible goal, and some agreeing. Those who agreed began to overtake the noise and before we knew it, the goal was set for $5,000.00.

How would we ever reach that goal? We are such a small church. Well, the answer is, WE could never reach that goal; but little is much when God is in it!

You know, God is always faithful. He says, “You have not because you ask not.” Well, we started asking. The volunteer overseeing the AAEO had an idea. Her idea…a fundraiser. Not just a fundraiser for TBC, but a spaghetti dinner and silent auction for everyone. The only need was for auction items. Oh, yes, and funds necessary for the spaghetti dinner.

A list was made of businesses that might donate to our silent auction. Restaurants, golf, family centered fun, such as Zoo Montana, The Reef, and Get Air. The list went on and on, knowing that you have to call lots of places to get a few donations, especially for a faith-based organization. “Oh, ye of little faith.”

It seemed that every place we called was more than happy to donate…rounds of golf; family passes to the zoo, The Reef, and Get Air; merchandise from ACE Hardware; multiple restaurant gift cards. There were also handmade gifts from church members…gift baskets, photo shoots, baked goods, and more. Tables were filled with God’s blessings.

The hope for the spaghetti dinner and silent auction was to bring in at least $1,000.00. There was a suggested donation of $10.00 per family for the dinner. We were told that if we got 30, we should be happy, but maybe we could hope for 50. We fed 84 people that evening! There was a short message and a wonderful group of Boy Scouts who helped serve and clean up. Volunteers from the church “manned” the auction, helped decorate, set up tables, and prepared food. What an amazing time! What an outpouring of God’s love and faithfulness! What a lesson on faith that was learned! Little is much when God is in it. That event raised $2,404.00 for AAEO!

Oh, wait, the story doesn’t stop there. By the time Easter Sunday came, the $5,000.00 goal had already been exceeded. Just over $5,300.00 had been raised by one small church with a great big God!

God is at work in our church, come join us and see!

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Rhonda Magner

Rhonda Magner is a member at Trinity Baptist Church in Billings. She is also volunteers at Racers Set Free Church on the South Side of Billings.