God is Opening Doors in Lincoln, MT

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Marshall and Katelyn Visgar are serving the Lincoln community

When Marshall and Katelyn Visger answered the call to ministry at Lincoln Baptist Church, they saw it as an incredible opportunity.  While the church family was made up of only a faithful few and serving in Lincoln comes with many challenges, Marshal saw this as his “dream job” because he and Katelyn love small towns and the outdoor life.  With Marshall’s experience as a Sheriff’s Deputy in northeastern MT, he also felt uniquely qualified to address human needs in this community and bring his passion for Jesus to those who are hurting.

The church had been searching for a pastor for one year and were eager to support their new pastor, especially since this is his first role as a pastor.  He began making some upgrades to their facility to attract new families and he began meeting people around town. The local newspaper did an interview and he got an immediate opportunity to share his heart with the Lincoln community.  He was also doing a lot of praying, he says, asking the Lord for ways to serve the Lincoln community in practical ways.

Inspired by Revelations 3:8, Open Door Ministries feeds 30-50 people each week

Then, inspired by Revelations 3:8, he began Open Door Ministries on Wednesday nights. This one step of faith by this small group of believers has already yielded great opportunities and meaningful relationships.  They went from 6-8 people who met for prayer on Wednesday night to consistently serving a meal to 30-50 people, with new families coming each week. The church family contributes to the meal preparation, serving, and clean up and they report that they love the pitter patter of little feet running down the halls.  Neighbors are getting to know neighbors a little deeper and Pastor Marshall also delivers leftovers to families in the community.  These relationships have led to some great conversations about the Lord and opportunities to express care and concern.  He is sharing hope and healing in Jesus. 

There is an excitement in the air at Lincoln Baptist Church and they love Pastor Marshall’s enthusiasm. They have just started a Bible Study before the meal and they are planning their first baptism soon.  This is a great GO MONTANA story and the MTSBC is happy to partner with this church to accomplish the vision God has given them for Lincoln. Pastor Marshal says he is grateful for the Cooperative Program. God is opening some great doors for the GOSPEL in Lincoln and he loves how churches help churches to reach their communities. 

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