Who Asked You?

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I’ll never forget who asked me.

My friend Kim asked me while we were driving to youth group, “Are you ever going to get saved?” I didn’t that night. But later that year, I did.

My Pastor asked me one Sunday morning, “Will you teach the jr. high boy’s Sunday school class?” I was terrified, but I said yes.

My girlfriend asked me after a big fight, “Is this relationship serious or not?” We’ve been married 12 years.

All three of those questions were obvious life altering decisions (I barely made it out of that jr. high boy’s class). But, until I was asked each question about salvation, teaching or marriage, I honestly hadn’t given them much thought.

So, what does that have to do with Next-Gen ministry? The answer is, I bet there are people in your church who would be willing to serve students, but they aren’t thinking about it. So, you’ll have to ask them. The Source 4 Youth Ministry has a great article with more details called, “People Want to be Asked”. Check it out and see why you need to ask them the question.

Here’s some great questions to ask. Would you…

  • Share your testimony with the students?
  • Cook a meal for an event?
  • Drive a van or bus?
  • Teach them how to (fill in your hobby or occupation here)?
  • Get to know them a little better?

Of course, this goes far beyond student ministry. Even door to door salespeople and telemarketers are taught to, “Ask for the sale.” Which brings us full circle to the original question.

Who asked you?

And who do you need to ask to serve somewhere?

Adam Burt
Next-Gen Director

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Adam Burt is the Next-Gen team leader for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.