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Every teacher wants to know that what they’re teaching students is impactful, relevant, and biblically accurate. But how can you know if a certain curriculum is right for you and your students? By choosing from some tried and respected sources for quality youth programing. Here are some options that I personally trust to help students understand and apply the truths of God’s word to their lives.
LIVE Youth Curriculum from Group Publishing

I personally used LIVE while serving as the student pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church Billings. It was my favorite curriculum because it came with a pre-packaged sermon I could then customize to best communicate with my students and it was one of the first to use online delivery. Price ranges from $25-$499 depending on age group and study type. 30 day free-trial is offered.


  • Pre-Packaged sermon you can deliver standing up front or conversationally around a table
  • Easy to distribute material to teachers digitally
  • The LIVE app helps remind students of the truths they learn on Sunday all week long in a way they love, notifications on their phone
  • Studies range from 5th & 6th Grade through college and include topics such as apologetics, leadership, and other tough issues students face in our culture


  • Every sermon has three points (but not every scripture or topic does)
  • You may need to search for addition supporting scriptures

Youth Ministry 360

This is the full circle of youth ministry. They offer content for retreats, camps, missions, games, media, and more. Their on-going curriculum makes great use of technology including power point slides, social media suggestions, and high quality videos to promote the study and train leaders. A 52-week study is $319 and each study includes a free sample.


  • Lots of media (power point slides, training videos, social media suggestions)
  • Devotions for students and parents outside of your normal teaching time
  • Great application/discussion questions!
  • Activities that drive home the main point of the lesson


  • No real sermon outline or “teaching points” but one “BIG Idea”

The Gospel Project Chronological from Lifeway

This study will take students from Genesis to Revelation in just three years with a Christ centered gospel focus. Shorter more specific studies are available as well. Each lesson includes a Head, Heart, Hands section to summarize what we need to know (Head), what should be our motive (Heart), and what we can do to live out the lesson (Hands). Pricing is $2.50/leader guide and $2.50/student guide every quarter with a four session free trial.


  • Lots of supporting scriptures
  • Family discussion starter page
  • Free leader training videos


  • Confusing purchase options
  • Difficult to navigate digital portal

All of these options are great for Sunday morning or mid-week studies and the free trials can really help you decide if any given study is right for you and your group. Of course, solid study, preparation and prayer is essential for any great lesson. Just remember, your students probably aren’t showing up because of your incredible teaching ability. They’re showing up because they know you love Jesus, you love them, and you’re giving them a sure word from God.

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Adam Burt is the Next-Gen team leader for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.