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One of our greatest joys in serving the pastors and churches of Montana is visiting with them. It has been a wonderful blessing to share a meal and the word all over the state this past year. Yet, for all our travel, and all the travel to come this year, I know we still won’t be able to be as available as we would like to be.

The vast distances and harsh winters of Montana make it hard to be everywhere we want to be and to talk to everyone who wants to know how things are going around the state and beyond with our Southern Baptist family. In this age, however, geography shouldn’t be a hindrance to communication.

Communication is the key to understanding. Too often, left with questions without answers, we can imagine nearly anything. Satan enjoys this space. He sows the seeds of discord and confusion when we cannot get answers. Lack of communication can also greatly hinder us in our work. Too often, the inability to get an answer can cause us to step away from ideas and plans because we don’t know how to move forward. Other times, we suffer alone simply because we have no way to share our burdens with each other. In that silence, we can imagine that no one cares and despair can set in.

I propose that we overcome the distance and isolation of our geography and come together as the Baptist family that we are. There is no reason we can’t talk to each other on a regular basis, regardless of the distance. So, let’s talk! Beginning in March, I’m going to start having a virtual face to face conversation with as many of our folks as possible who want to share 30 minutes online.

I’d like to know what’s happening in your life, your family, your church, your community. Maybe you’d like to know what I’m thinking about something. You ask and I’ll try to answer. Be watching our MTSBC Facebook page and our MTSBC website for the days and times when I’ll be sitting in front of my computer ready to talk with anyone who wants to connect.

Our talk time will not take the place of my regular travel across the state. In fact, I’ll be doing even more of that this year than last year. Our online chats will be just one more way we’ll be able to stay in touch. I look forward to seeing you online on a computer screen very soon.

About the Author

Barrett Duke

Barrett Duke is the Executive Director and Treasurer for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.