Montana Pastors’ Wives Answer God’s Call to Publish

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(Cover Image) Gigi Scofield with husband Darwin, lead pastor of Mountainview Community Church in White Sulphur Springs.

When Gigi Scofield was growing up in a Greek Community in Florida, she never pictured herself as a pastor’s wife in White Sulphur Springs, MT, but God has a funny way of drawing people to Himself and leading them to places they never thought possible!

Gigi met her husband, Darwin, in high school and they were married shortly after. Darwin went on to attend Seminary. Following seminary, the Scofields, now a family of four, moved to Libby, MT, where Darwin accepted the position of lead pastor at Libby Baptist Church. The house they purchased had a kitchen window that looked out over her backyard and a view of the mountains!

Gigi would often look out of that window while doing dishes or cleaning her kitchen. It was during these times that the Lord would speak to her. She would often write these thoughts and verses down along with a short prayer in a journal which she kept hidden. Years after the first entry, Gigi began to feel the Lord prompting her to share some of these entries with others. At first, she assumed He wanted her to gift them to her children and grandchildren, but the more she prayed, the more God revealed that He wanted her to reach a broader audience.

Hesitantly, she started to obey and allowed friends that she trusted to read a few of the entries and give feedback; the more she allowed people read the entries, the more God revealed that this needed to be available to those outside of the Scofields’ circle of family and friends! So, with much trepidation, Gigi started taking steps to find the best way to get the book published. Every step of the way, she would put out a “fleece” and every step of the way God would answer in amazing ways.

Her book, As I Look Out of My Kitchen Window, was released on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xulon Press on October 16, 2017. Within the several months it takes to get a book together, Gigi quit her job in Libby and moved to White Sulphur Springs with her husband, who accepted the call as lead pastor of Mountainview Community Church. Gigi says there are some bittersweet moments in the book, including the last look out her kitchen window in Libby and the first look out her new kitchen window in White Sulphur Springs.

Gigi is excited to see where God is going to take her book and has already received testimonials about how God is using it in people’s lives that have read it. Where God chooses to take the book from here is in His hands. She will be used in whatever ways He chooses and will continue to talk to him “From Her Kitchen Window.” If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book simply click here to be directed to the site!

Ariel Tyson, on the other hand, knew that she was meant to be a writer from a very young age. Born and raised in Florida, Ariel grew up in a Christian family and was introduced to Christ at a very young age. She met her husband, Michael, in college and they were married in December of 2007; helping plant a church in Raleigh, NC, launched the Tyson’s into a life of ministry! Introduced to Montana while they were church planting, they moved to Bozeman in the Fall of 2013 and on Easter 2015, officially launched Bedrock Church.

Ariel knew that writing was a passion and she utilized this God-given ability to write for blogs, articles for websites, and other writing venues. In March 2017, she was impressed by God to write on a subject that was dear to her heart and that she had been exposed to repeatedly in her time in ministry; an observation that God had been revealing to her about how many people, even committed Christians, were chasing the American Dream instead of pursuing God’s Call.

Having struggled financially and emotionally herself as she and her husband pursued ministry, Ariel was a front-seat participant to God moving even when the culture says they should have chased another dream! She decided that if the dream of this book was to become a reality, she was going to have to get serious and have accountability! With four boys under the age of 5 and one due in October of 2017, Ariel looked to a program recommended by a friend that challenged and encouraged you to write an entire book in 3 months!

Ariel signed up for the program and began her writing journey in June 2017. The book was sent to the editor by September and was published and released on Amazon in Ebook and paperback by November! Chase the Roar: Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture tells the Tysons story and how seeking God’s calling, though sometimes not lucrative, will pay higher dividends eternally! Chasing after God instead of the American dream leads to rewards far above anything we can imagine!

Ariel is seeking ways to continue to get the book in others’ hands and already has at least two more ideas for future books! She has taken on speaking engagements and yearns for Christians to read the book and become extraordinary seekers of God’s will!

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Jessica Crusch is a contributor to the Montana Southern Baptist Convention enews, and wife to Eric Crusch, pastor of Elkhorn Community Fellowship in Townsend, MT.