Get Real West

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Get Real West

Every major revival has begun with young people.

That’s why I hope you’ll invest in the youth in your church and community by bringing them to Get Real West, November 10-11 at Crosspoint Community Church in Missoula.

Our youth are under assault from the forces of darkness at a younger age than ever before. They’re being lied to about who they are, their value, and their purpose in life. That’s why I’m so excited for evangelist Ronnie Hill to share the truth of God’s word and his personal story with your students this year.

Ronnie will be sharing with your students the empowering truth from Psalm 139:13-14 that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” They’ll hear how he came to that realization in his own life.

One student could change the climate in your church, in their school, and in your community when they understand God’s love for them and His purpose for their life. So even if you only bring one or two students, God can work through them.

Of course, we’ll be investing in students at Get Real West but we’ll also be investing in your volunteer youth workers through training Saturday morning.

Lastly, while the speaker, band, and volunteer training will be awesome, the greatest value may come through honest conversations in the van driving to and from Get Real West. After all, students today spell “love” as T-I-M-E. I hope you’ll love your students with T-I-M-E at Get Real West this year.

If you have any questions or if money is an issue, please call me right away to get answers. You can also visit our Get Real West page Next-Gen Facebook page for more flyers, permission forms, and promo videos.

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