Pastor learned servant leadership as Border Patrol agent

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By Karen L. Willoughby, posted September 3, 2021 in Churches and Ministry HAVRE, Mont. (BP) – A moral dilemma and Ed Litton led Chris Richards to follow Jesus. Today, he pastors two churches in north-central Montana. Richards was 26. He’d been a Border Patrol agent for six years, where “Honor First” is the agency’s motto. The Border Patrol’s job is to secure the borders … Read More

Making Your Punches Count

Darren HalesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

In Havre, Montana, a unique Go Montana story is unfolding.  It all started in the mind of Pastor Chris Richards of Immanuel Baptist Church who was seeking a way to connect with adolescent kids on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.  He pondered how he could utilize the warrior spirit of Native Americans as a bridge to the Gospel.  What happened … Read More