“One of the most beneficial relationships I had as a church planter was a ministry coach. He helped me think through my ministry priorities and create strategic action steps to accomplish the vision God had placed on my heart. The principles I learned apply to any pastor. To this day, I still have a coach! He is that valuable. A coaching relationship will help you be more effective in leading a healthy church who is living out their mission of making disciples.”

~Darren Hales~


Biblical Foundations of Coaching

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IN THE BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS OF COACHING, by Robert E. Logan, readers will understand that coaching is a form of encouragement and discipleship, of listening to the Holy Spirit and following what God has called us to do.

EVERY LEADER HAS A TO-DO LIST,  but they often miss the ‘to-be’ list.  Since both lists are important – every leader needs coaching. The Five Heart Hungers coaching tool gives leaders and groups an opportunity to create personal action steps that address growth edges in five critical areas. Core teams, small groups, and peer coaches can work together on a journey of greater accountability and growth with this valuable tool.


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COME TO BLUEPRINT COACHING, leave with a plan. These live events provide you with practical, hands-on coaching with church leadership experts from across the country. The result is a personalized strategy you can take home and implement immediately in your church.