Prayer Is the Work

Lee MerckAll Enews, Planting Team

In October of 2020, I began serving as the Lead Church Planting Catalyst for the state of Montana. When I received the call, there was no doubt in my mind that God had opened doors, and that He had prepared me and my family to lead the way in helping start new churches across the state of Montana. I was … Read More

Strength, Strategy and Strongholds

Ryan CooperAll Enews

In the war in Afghanistan in the 2000’s, the United States established American Combat Outpost (COP) Keating in a rural area of Northeast Afghanistan with the purpose to stop the transport of arms into Afghanistan from Pakistan. COP Keating was situated at the base of three mountains, making landings, support, and other maneuvers very difficult. In addition, the roads to … Read More

Island with No Power, No Airport Receives Shoebox Gifts

Samaritan's PurseAll Enews

CHILDREN ON A REMOTE ISLAND IN THE PACIFIC RECEIVE SHOEBOX GIFTS AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. The small island of Enubirr has no electrical power and no airport. Located in the central Pacific between the Philippines and Hawaii, Enubirr is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and home to just over 1,000 people. Most residents work on … Read More

Are You Ready for the Summer?

Barrett DukeAll Enews

What a relief it is not to wear a mask anymore. I still carry one around in my pocket just in case, but I haven’t had to put it on in a while. I feel free! And, it’s not just me. People everywhere I go have gotten rid of their masks. They’re ready to get out and get around, too. … Read More

How is your Spiritual Love Tank?

Darren HalesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

Do you ever feel like you are running on empty and there is nothing left to give? You are not alone, pastor. If we are not careful, the unrelenting pressures of life and ministry can put stress and strain on our relationships and leave us emotionally unhealthy. Though we know the value and promise of “Abide” from John 15, our … Read More

Let’s Live On Mission!

Sharon EllingtonAll Enews

“What we do relentlessly on this side of the globe affects those on that side of the globe.” – Ruth Ripken I am often asked why I decided to get involved in Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) or Montana Southern Baptist Women (MSBW).  My answer after the initial response that God called me, is one thing:  I saw a whole generation … Read More

Southern Baptist census data reflects COVID’s impact on churches

Carol PipesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

By Carol Pipes, Originally published on May 20, 2021 by LifeWay Newsroom NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In the early weeks and months of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Southern Baptist churches joined the wave of school and business closures to help stem the spread of the coronavirus. Churches shifted to online worship services, while Sunday School classes and small groups met in … Read More

Persecution persists as the Gospel spreads

Baptist PressAll Enews

By Myriah Snyder, posted June 1, 2021 in International Mission Board, The Persecuted Church Editor’s note: This story is part of a series on global persecution, leading churches to pray for the persecuted church. The Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church will be observed this Sunday (June 6). Kingdom growth is always met with deep spiritual warfare for Aquila*. For him this includes active … Read More

Is Your Church Welcoming?

Barrett DukeAll Enews

Church is getting back to normal around here. It’s great to see. Many pastors are reporting near record attendance, and many are commenting on how many new people they’re seeing. Many of these new people are not new to church. Some of them have another church in town, but their church is still not open. Others are using the opportunity … Read More

Wild and Wide-Open

Darren HalesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

If you ask Morris Hill about what God is doing in St. Regis, MT, he couldn’t be more excited. The church is growing, leaders are being developed, and souls are being saved! He says ministry right now is “wild and wide-open” as they prepare for mission teams this summer. Like many churches, New Day Fellowship uses the summer months to engage their … Read More