Pastor Jeremy and Veronica Bourne Receive Financial Gift from the Montana Baptist Foundation

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Churches that minister in communities suffering from generational poverty must not only continually share the gospel with the lost. They must also teach the biblical principles and skills that people need to break the chains of poverty. Generational poverty is distinct from being simply low income. Generational poverty brings with it a lack of educational opportunities and the support needed to break the cycle of poverty from generation to generation. This is hard, demanding work. Often the pastors of these churches must ask their families to go without many things others take for granted because the people and communities they serve don’t have the means to support them.

Jeremy Bourne, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, his wife Veronica, and their children minister and live in this very situation. Without them, the southside Billings community they serve would be especially desperate. Yet, they often must sacrifice their own needs for the sake of their ministry.

Veronica shared, “It is not that our neighborhood is unwilling to give, and even give generously. It is rather an issue of what they have to give. We have seen single moms give generously out of their lack, and even then, it is not enough to keep the doors open. We rely heavily on the established church to support and provide for what we do at Bethel. Without that support, we would cease to exist.”

We’re blessed to have such a selfless, Christ-honoring family serving in Billings. To recognize their dedication and service and to help provide for their needs, the Baptist Foundation of Montana has granted Jeremy an $1,100 gift to assist him and his family. This financial assistance is made possible through the yearly earnings of a fund the Foundation has set up to assist Montana Southern Baptist churches and pastors in financial need. 

While the Foundation is glad it could provide this financial help to the Bournes, they know there are many other deserving pastors and families. Foundation Director Dan Farmer encourages contributions to this fund, especially legacy donations, to enhance the Foundation’s ability to support the work of Montana Southern Baptists.

For more information, please visit or email Dan Farmer at 406-861-9867 or [email protected].

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