406 Day of Prayer and Fasting

Lee MerckAll Enews, Planting Team


What a blessing it was to be a part of the first ever, online, all-state prayer meeting for Montana. Approximately 75 people representing 19 different churches united in heartfelt, passionate prayer on the date represented by our area code, April 6 (4/06). Online, there were churches gathered in homes, and fellowship halls. There were families gathered in living rooms. There were pastors and wives, side by side. Most people who participated were from our state, and a few gathered online from states like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Together, we cried out to God for our state! Many others who could not make the online gathering informed me that they would also be praying with all of us on that day.

I’m overwhelmed at the prospect of what God might do if our MTSBC family continues seeking God and crying out to him on behalf of lostness in our state. Will you take a moment and imagine with me, the miraculous movement of Jesus we might see if we earnestly and faithfully pray together across Montana for Montana? 

Our next online, all-state prayer gathering is Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Put it on your calendars!

Churches that Gathered Online on 4/06:

The Bridge Church

Church of The Rockies

Bitterroot Family Fellowship

The River Church

Expedition Church

South Hills Baptist Fellowship

The Church at Four Corners

Big Sky Baptist Church

Park City Baptist Church 

First Baptist Church, Shelby

Fort Smith Baptist Church

Bethel Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Darby

Explore Church

Resonate, Missoula

Big Sky Fellowship

Libby Baptist Church

About the Author

Lee Merck

Lee Merck is the Church Planting Team Leader for Montana and pastor of The Church at Four Corners in Bozeman.