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Baptist Foundation of Montana (BFM) was established to meet the financial needs of the Southern Baptist churches in Montana, 130 and growing. These needs most always fall into 2 categories – facilities and pastor support.  Facilities consist of land, buildings, and furnishings necessary to support church activities. Dealing with BFM is certain to be much easier than with conventional banks because we understand your needs and finances, share your goals, and are committed to your success. Our interest rates are generally lower, closing costs are minimal or nothing, and our terms are tailored to fit church needs. Pastoral support may consist of retirement benefits for pastors and direct family, financial advice and planning, emergency needs, medical and life insurance supplements, and pay augmentation, to name a few. These needs are to be determined and prioritized by BFM board and Convention leadership.  Pastoral support can be essential for many of the small rural congregations in Montana where many pastors are forced to be bi-vocational.

BFM has the financial ability to support church facilities loans of any conceivable size through our own assets and cooperative arrangements with several other foundations, from a few thousand to millions of dollars. At this time, we do not have assets to perform any reasonable amount of pastoral support. Fundraising has started to correct this situation. We ask your help to meet this Kingdom need. When we think about reaching people for Jesus it is not necessary to go halfway around the world. The need is right here in Montana. 

Our churches can help meet the needs of our pastors and fellow churches by your prayerful support through annual budgeting for BFM and referrals of potential legacy givers in your congregations. Also, individual church members can give cash, life insurance, stocks or securities, excess retirement plan assets, real estate or other tangible property, or last will and testament distributions. These gifts may be designated for specific or general purposes and endowment arrangements are possible. 

Like any other large and worthy endeavor, this fundraising will probably take time to accomplish, but this is our first step. With your support we can achieve it. 

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Dan Farmer

Dan Farmer is the Executive Director of the Baptist Foundation of Montana.