Mission Trip Journal: Explore Church goes to Alaska-Day 7

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This past summer, Explore Church, a new church plant in Missoula, took a serving mission trip to Alaska. Follow our daily updates of the trip written by Sacha Hasenyager!
Day 7

We served at the Set Free Church building again, painting the church and sheds. The best part of the day was our prayer walking. Our team went throughout the neighborhood praying for those in need and inviting people to church. It was quite an experience for our team to be praying over drug addicts who were using in front of them. But our team was so encouraged and cared so well for those around them. One group got to encourage a man who was just about to return to Montana after a season of working on the fishing boats. He had been in a church community before he came to Alaska and they were able to encourage him to get tied in again when he returned.

That evening we went out to a local ice cream shop, the shyest woman in our group started to talk to a woman having ice cream. They forged a strong connection and talked intently for twenty minutes. It was great to see so many step out in faith when they were out of their normal environment.

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