Mission Trip Journal: Explore Church goes to Alaska-Day 4

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This past summer, Explore Church, a new church plant in Missoula, took a serving mission trip to Alaska. Follow our daily updates of the trip written by Sacha Hasenyager!
Day 4

Today we realized the importance of knowing the ‘why’ for a project. Even though the church that hosted us has over 200 in their church body, they still have great needs. Alaskans are very busy in the summer, they work hard all year then summer is spent preparing for their hard winters and fishing to provide food for their family. Unfortunately, because of this, finding volunteers is difficult for most churches.

Today was a great day of ministry at both locations for Rabbit Creek as the staff came and presented each of their different projects. We painted decks, hung signs, cleaned, changed lightbulbs, and organized closets. The staff was so pleased with all we were able to accomplish for them, this greatly encouraged our team.

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