Mission Trip Journal: Explore Church goes to Alaska-Day 2

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This past summer, Explore Church, a new church plant in Missoula, took a serving mission trip to Alaska. Follow our daily updates of the trip written by Sacha Hasenyager!
Day 2

After a long night of picking up people at the airport our team is finally all together and ready to serve! Over half of our team received Christ as adults, so they are excited for the evangelism to begin. After our team meeting and training, we started doing construction at the church that is allowing us to stay with them. We stained decks, pulled weeds, and cleaned the property.

That afternoon we headed to Set free which meets in a church that has been converted from a nightclub. There are three churches using this building, which we find a win because any construction that we will do will benefit three churches. We started immediately with construction, they had been broken into the night before, so we cleaned up the broken glass and areas. Then we did a prayer walk through the community, it is a rough neighborhood with so much need.

We then cooked a BBQ for their church and had a small block party for the community. Turnout was low, but our people did such a great job investing in conversations with the homeless that came.

Some of our team met with D., they were touched and inspired by his story. D received Christ in prison and now that he has got out, has a deep longing to return to his Inuit village.

The pastor is pursuing discipling him, with the prayer that D can return in a few years to his village and be an ambassador for Christ there.

Afterward, we scrubbed the kitchen. The church had acquired the building about 6 months ago, but they have had limited volunteers. Our team was able to completely gut and scrub the entire commercial kitchen so it can be used in the future.

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