Are You Ready for the Summer?

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What a relief it is not to wear a mask anymore. I still carry one around in my pocket just in case, but I haven’t had to put it on in a while. I feel free!

And, it’s not just me. People everywhere I go have gotten rid of their masks. They’re ready to get out and get around, too. This is great news for our churches. The timing is perfect. With people eager to get out and get together again and the summer months ahead of us, we should do all we can to get them back to church or to visit church for the first time in a while.

Are you planning special events this summer? I hope so. Some of our churches are holding sports camps, VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, block parties, and many other activities that their neighbors can be a part of. The MTSBC can assist you with these events. We have some funds to help with costs and we have a number of trailers that might really help you have a tremendous event. We have block party trailers that you can use to serve everyone at your event. Our block party trailers come with a generator, a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, two blow-up houses, a shaved ice machine, a sound system, and all kinds of things for kids and adults to play with. It has everything you need except the people.

We also have a shower trailer if you are going to be doing an event where folks may need to clean up some afterward, like if you have a building team coming in or a sports camp. It even has a washer and drier and propane heater for hot water. Some of our churches have already reserved the shower trailer for this summer, but we still have some dates open.

The MTSBC also has a huge tent that you can use. It comes with a trailer so you can bring it right to your location. The tent is 42 x 60 ft. That’s huge!! It can be used open or fully enclosed. It would be a great way to hold an outdoor event if the sun is bright or if it decides to rain.

There is a very small fee to use the trailers. That helps us keep them in good working order. The only other thing we ask with our trailers is that you pick them up and make sure everything is working when you are finished with them. I’d love to see these trailers used all summer long. Some churches have already reserved the trailers, but we still have open dates, even for the shower trailer. Call or email Jeannie Hayes for more information about any of the trailers.

COVID has changed a lot of things. For one thing, it has given people a sense of freedom to look for a church that can meet their needs. I hope you will put your best foot forward this summer and let people know that you are there for them. If the MTSBC can help in any way, all you have to do is ask. May you have a wonderful, God-blessed summer.

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Barrett Duke

Barrett Duke is the Executive Director and Treasurer for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.