Giving Hope to Weary Souls: Who Will Say Yes?

Ryan CooperAll Enews, Strengthening Team

Expectations shattered.  Reality bared its ugly fangs and assaulted them with devastating effects. 

Living in rural Montana among the rural hamlets, grasslands of the East, mountains of the West, many people begin life with a desire to grow, flourish, and create a legacy for themselves. But when life’s inevitable rumble strips erode into bottomless sinkholes, suddenly help seems so far away; unattainable and expensive. 

They have no health insurance and, even if they had some, their county may not have mental health services.  Staggering with an increasing burden, they are desperate for anyone to simply listen to their story and walk with them for a while – to try, to love, to give, to pray, to study, to ask, to grow. 

Who will say yes? 

You may be a pastor from a neighboring town. You may not be highly credentialed. You may not have a platform, a massive following, or much fanfare at all. 

But are you willing? Are you teachable? Are you growing in humility? 

Then you are exactly what God needs to do miraculous works in the lives of those around you.

The Scriptures are full of stories of God asking people to give their little bits to the Lord in faith; from God calling Samuel as a boy in the temple, to asking a coward like Jonah to preach to the pagans in Nineveh, to the little boy who gave his (family’s??) lunch for Jesus to feed a massive crowd. 

Just like Bethlehem, we are small and insignificant in the kingdom of God, but God turns the insignificant into the revolutionary. 

We aren’t looking to start a revolution, but we definitely are starting to step out. God desires a movement of faithful, willing, teachable people who desire to disciple the hurting in their communities. God desires servants who are willing to say ‘Here am I Lord, send me.’

We at Instep Ministries at Emmanuel Baptist Church would like to invite you to join the MT Soul Care Network Thursday, April 15th from 3:30-4:30 for our first monthly MT Soul Care Network ‘Zoom In’ gathering to walk through some useful and easily applicable tools for you to utilize in your community. The things you learn will give you and your community hope as they work through the difficulties life throws at them.

Our first meeting is called Hope: God is faithful. The first booklet we will be looking at is Christ and Your Problems by Jay Adams. This little resource is a hopeful exposition of 1 Corinthians 10:13, a passage that I’ve used many times to bring hope to any situation. You can pick up your own copies of this tool here: Christ and Your Problems.


You can be one of the first 10 to sign up for the ZOOM IN meeting by the end of the day on April 2nd and receive 2 copies of this resource absolutely free!

We are looking forward to walking with you as you walk with Jesus in your communities here in Montana.

About the Author

Ryan Cooper

Originally from Billings, Ryan joined the staff of Emmanuel Baptist Church in 2016 as the Young Adults Pastor. He became the Counseling Pastor and launched InStep Counseling Ministry in 2019. Ryan and his wife, Kim, adopted 4 children in 2015; Evan, Teagan, Alyssa and Brennan.