On the Road Again!

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If this phrase brings back memories of a song, then you are singing it in your head right now!  Yes, it’s a Willie Nelson song, so it’s not known for spiritual truth.  However, like any country song, it shares a story and this one conveys his desire to make music with his friends.  This is his passion and he is longing to take his music to places he’s never been.  I can relate to that sentiment!

Allen and Kristine James with
Darren Hales in Hamilton.
Allen is the pastor of The River
Church in Hamilton.

After months of being grounded by Covid-19, I am glad to “get on the road again” and see each of you, my friends.  This past week, I traveled to Hamilton, St. Regis, and Twin Bridges. And, as much as I have been on the road in the last 2 years, there are still places I have not been in Montana.  It’s my desire to develop strong bonds with all of our churches, so it’s time to pass through each valley and cross every mountain!   

My 2020 summer calendar is wide open!  Are you hosting a special event?  I’d love to come!  Do you need a Sunday off and want me to come preach for you?  Just extend an invitation. It would be my pleasure!

I’m thankful for the members of the Church Strengthening Team who have been making calls to check in on our pastors. We care about you! Together, we have been able to share stories of how our pastors are responding to the Coronavirus and share ideas of how to address the challenges we face.  Greg Payton and his team at The Rock Church have just been phenomenal helping our churches go digital. I love seeing all the live-stream services that come across my news feed.  We have posted tons of resources on the MTSBC Church Strengthening page to adapt and thrive in this new ministry environment.  There are some great lessons we can learn from this crisis, too.  Our team has been at work equipping our churches, but I’m ready to see you in person!  Yes, it’s time to get on the road again!  I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Darren Hales

Darren Hales is the Church Strengthening Team Leader of the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.