NEW Resource – Election 2020 Legal Guide

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Thanks the partnership of ADF Church Alliance members across the country, we have developed a legal guide for pastors and churches to navigate this year’s election season.

The 2020 Election and Your Church: Five Legal Guidelines provides useful tips for some of the most frequent questions and concerns we’ve heard over the years. We hope that this guide is helpful for you and your church – no matter how much or how little you plan to speak or do regarding this year’s elections and the surrounding issues.

As you review the guide, we hope that you and your church will feel more empowered to engage in the issues of the day as you feel called. God’s Word has a lot to say on issues that are being debated at local, state, and national levels. The voice of your church can help bring moral clarity to a world that needs it.

If you have any questions as you review the guide, or would like legal advice about a particular effort that you are planning to engage in, please do not hesitate to reach out to our legal team: 833-233-2559. Know that your membership is about helping you understand your religious freedom and legal rights so that you can lead and minister as you are called.

Thank you again for your membership in this alliance dedicated to keeping the doors open for the Gospel – so it is freely preached and lived. May God bless you and your church!

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Alliance Defending Freedom established the ADF Church Alliance to support the increasing legal needs of churches across the United States. The membership program provides legal help to churches so they can freely preach and live the Gospel.