No Restraints: Coming to Montana in 2020

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In 1 Samuel 14, we read of the incredible faith of Jonathan as he climbs a rocky cliffside to engage a garrison of Philistine soldiers with his armor bearer. He believed that the Lord would work for him and in verse 6 declared “for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.” This declaration of complete confidence in God is affirmed in verse 14 as Jonathan proclaimed the Lord had delivered this enormous enemy into his hands.  By faith they slew 20 men in just the first few moments and the rest of the Philistines began to tremble in fear, for the power of God was on full display.  An earthquake rocked the garrison of Philistines and in the chaos, they began to beat one another down.  The text says they melted away.

As a pastor of a smaller church, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of ministry and the enormous task of engaging our community with the Gospel, making disciples, developing leaders, shepherding the flock, building relationships, serving the community, and week after week proclaiming the truth of God’s word from the pulpit. Many pastors are bi-vocational and are also trying to raise a family. How does one face these pressures, the opposing force of the enemy and a hostile culture? The answer is with great faith in our God who is not retrained!  We can trust Him in our circumstances and in our context to work for our good and His glory. He is an all-powerful God who empowers his servants and displays His wonders day after day.  The Gospel is not restrained!

The No Restraints Conference was designed to inspire the pastors of our smaller churches to lead their flocks with confidence and complete dependence upon the Lord.  It will be led by Dr. Mark Tolbert of the Caskey Center of Church Excellence at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Their desire is to bless our pastors and their wives and equip them to serve their church and community.  It will be held in two locations to reach as many Montana pastors as possible, and because of generous donors all the expenses are covered.  The Caskey Center will pay for 1-night stay in a hotel and a meal each day.  The MTSBC will pay the cost of childcare so pastors and wives can enjoy this conference together!

Save these dates. Follow the link and preregister now.

In Missoula, No Restraints will be hosted by Crosspoint Community Church.  In the Billings area, Valley Baptist Church in Huntley will be the host church.  More details are forthcoming.  Please plan to attend.  Our God is not restrained!

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Darren Hales

Darren Hales is the Church Strengthening Team Leader of the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.