Governing Documents: Protecting your church or putting it at risk?

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What is the state of your church’s governing documents? Incomplete, out-of-date, in need of review? Maybe you’re not sure what state they are in, or maybe your church recently updated them – but an attorney wasn’t involved.

Your church’s governing documents, such as your employment policies, bylaws, constitution, facility use policy, and others, are important. They can either provide legal protection or put your church at greater risk. For example, if your employment policies do not clearly communicate expectations for conduct and behavior, your church may be at a greater risk for a lawsuit from a current or former employee.

With churches across the country facing legal challenges, your church needs to take action to ensure its documents are providing the best legal protection possible. You don’t need to do this alone – we’ve partnered with ADF Church Alliance to help you accomplish this.

ADF Church Alliance attorneys will review your documents and work with you to ensure your documents are protecting the religious freedom of your church. If your documents are incomplete, they can provide samples for your church to use.

Even if your documents were recently updated or have been reviewed by a lawyer, we still recommend consulting with an ADF Church Alliance attorney. They are focused on protecting the religious freedom of churches and have reviewed countless documents, so they know what to look for.

ADF Church Alliance is a membership program that helps with more than governing documents: The program acts as a hub for churches to gain access to legal insights, advice, and even representation in litigation – it’s virtually all-inclusive for religious freedom issues.

We at Montana Southern Baptist Convention fully encourage you to activate your ADF Church Alliance membership. Because of our partnership, your church gets a 20% discount on this already affordable program. Enter code MTSBC20 when you apply. Once you’ve become a member, start the process of reviewing your documents. It’s simple, and ADF attorneys will help you each step of the way.

Go to to learn more and activate your membership today.

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