Drips (not tips) to Fruitful Student Ministry

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The beauty of technology these days is that we have access to more information and people than ever before in history.  As a result, there is no shortage of lists, tips and lists of tips on how to do something like, “10 tips to keep you sane when life gets crazy” or “3 tips to cook a great steak.”  Eating great steak is my number one way to keep myself sane when life gets crazy.  Give it a try!

The drawback to all this technology and information is that we don’t memorize like we used to (just google it) and things change really fast.  This is true in all areas of life, but especially in student ministry.  For example, what’s the latest hit song everyone is listening to?  Or the latest app students love using?  It’s hard to stay up to date.  And that’s where “drips” come in!

Drips are brief, easy to understand, and easy to apply chunks of knowledge on a given topic.  They’re a great way to stay up to date and grow without requiring a huge time commitment.  And drips can be great conversation starters too.

Here’s a few types of drips you can try:

  • Blogs & Newsletters – Books are great if you want the full story complete with footnotes and case studies.  But they may be more than you need and go out of date quickly.  Subscribing to blogs and newsletters can give all the pertinent info you need with supporting links if you want to go deeper.  Check out the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding blog or YouthMinistry.com
  • Social Media – Like, follow and favorite some great leaders and groups on your favorite social media platform.  You could even create a custom feed that will leave out all your cat videos, political rants and Aunt Edna’s 98th B-Day Party pics. 

These little drips may not seem like a lot by themselves, but just like compound interest, they really add up over time.  You can even do these with a spouse or group of leaders to get additional insight and perspective.  Start by sharing this “drip” with someone you know and ask what drips they use to stay up to date and grow a little bit at a time.

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