“Fearless” @ Get Real East 2019

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Lots of students (and adults) are wondering, “Can I really trust God?”

Get Real East (GRE) will answer that question and more April 12-13 in Billings, MT.

Are your students going?

This year Wade Morris returns to deliver God’s Word to students in a way they can understand and apply to their lives while inspiring them to share the great hope we have in Jesus.

Wade is also bringing his go-to worship band, led by Jared Wood. Jared is a worship leader and songwriter based out of Dallas, Texas. Jared’s passion is that the worship of believers everywhere would not only be expressed by the songs they sing, but more so, by the way they live their lives. Together, they make a great team to lead students for an event like GRE.  You can check them out at www.wademorris.com and www.jaredwoodmusic.com.

In 2018 we saw 50 students (and even some adults) respond to the salvation message at GRE and we’re praying for God to do another amazing work this year.

In addition to four powerful worship sessions, four impactful teaching times and the kind of fellowship and relationship building only a retreat can offer students, GRE offers training time for youth workers, parents and pastors. GRE packs all of this and more into a short Friday night and Saturday morning all for just $30 and leaders get in FREE!

With students leaving the church in record numbers after high school, you can’t afford not to send your students to Get Real East.

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