The Heartache of Theology

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What happens when YCC’s immovable theological beliefs collide with open, unbiblical actions of alumni? Heartache.

I recently read on social media that one of our alumni from years ago came out as gay, listing a “relationship” with another woman. The announcement was not shocking since some in the culture are relentless in their pursuit of acceptance; however, the news was heartbreaking.

What is YCC’s response to the decision of our beloved alumna to choose this biblically forbidden relationship and lifestyle? Allow me to share four thoughts:

First, we view all sin as sin. While my particular sin might have fewer immediate consequences, all sin is detestable to God. We should never take sin lightly, no matter the category.

Second, we view all people as sinners in need of God’s grace, even after conversion. We must resist the urge to condemn spiritual “felonies” while blindly accepting “misdemeanors.”

Third, we view all people through the lens of God’s grace. We confront sin gently, but pointedly. We care for people as Christ cared for the “sinners and tax collectors.” We cannot accept the sinful lifestyle, but neither can we reject the sinner as a friend to be cared for, as Jesus cared for people who were involved in sinful behavior.

Finally, we work every day as a confessional Christian college to “instruct and mentor to shape the church and culture by reflecting Christ’s character.” In other words, we hold a tight theological line with biblical teaching paired with in-person mentoring of students. We do all we can to promote biblical truth, no matter the societal view of certain social subjects.

There is a collective heartache for our graduate. In this case, we lost the cultural and theological battle. With God’s grace, we will never lose the solid foundation of scriptural teaching or the Christ-model of compassion for sinners. And by God’s grace we will never lose the heartache for a wayward member of our extended family.

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Bruce Cannon

Bruce Cannon is the President of Yellowstone Christian College in Billings, Montana.