It’s Time to Tell Helena

Barrett DukeAll Enews, MTSBC Churches

If you could do only one thing to change someone’s life forever, what would you do for him or her? That could be a long list to prioritize. I can tell you that I’ve tried a lot of things to help change people’s lives and I’m convinced that the thing that has the best chance of changing someone’s life now, as well as, forever, is to help him or her come to know Jesus as Savior.

This is one thing you can do for someone that is forever. Once someone trusts Jesus as Savior, that person has eternal life. This is something that can never be taken away, plus it has immediate results. A person who trusts Jesus as Savior is immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This means he or she has God present in his or her life from that moment and for the rest of his or her life.

What greater thing could you do for someone than to help him or her find God? There isn’t anything greater! God can help change someone’s life from the inside out. Isn’t that better than trying to force change on them from the outside? Some people can reform, and I celebrate that every time I hear about it, but a person has a much better chance for permanent change if his very wants and desires change. This isn’t reformation. It’s regeneration. That’s the best thing anyone can experience.

Regeneration brings God into the picture for someone. It makes a person a child of God. Do you want to see someone change? Do you want to see your community change? Introduce them to the God you know, the God who can change their lives.

We have the opportunity to help do that in Helena on October 6. On that day, the Montana Southern Baptist Convention will hold Crossover Helena. This event will be a local version of the national event held every year at the annual Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, for Crossover Helena, we’ll have the very same organization helping us that helped run several events for Crossover Dallas! One Conversation, a non-profit ministry whose mission is to Kindle Gospel Movements, Create Gospel-Centered Churches and Make Gospel-Sharing Disciples will be hosting one of their “Urgency to Share” events in Helena. They will equip you to share your faith in an effective non-confrontational way. Plus, you’ll have an immediate opportunity to put into practice what you learn. We’ll be going out in teams all across the city of Helena to invite people to one of our MTSBC churches and to talk to them about the joys of knowing Jesus as their Savior.

Join us for this important outreach event. Learn to share your faith. Change someone’s life. You can register to be a part of this historic day at You can also take advantage of an online evangelism training course at a discounted price that will help pre-equip you to share your faith during Crossover and any other time. We are so serious about getting this training to you, that we are offering it for a limited time at a reduced cost of only $25. (Normally $75 value) One Conversation has agreed to reduce the cost for us for a limited time. They want us to take advantage of this, too.

If we don’t tell others about Jesus, we are denying them the most important thing they need. It’s time to get serious about the gospel. It’s time to get serious about lostness. It’s time to tell Helena. Join us for this important life-changing outreach. Go to and register and then get ready to see God change people’s lives through the gospel. I look forward to seeing you in Helena for our annual meeting on October 4 and 5 and then for Crossover Helena on October 6. It’s going to be great!

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Barrett Duke

Barrett Duke is the Executive Director and Treasurer for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.