Uganda Mission Trip Journal – Allen and Kristine James

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April 16 & 17, 2018

We flew through the night to Amsterdam. We have a pretty long layover before we depart for Minneapolis. The flight to Amsterdam was very uncomfortable. I am not built for economy seats! I didn’t get any sleep.

Our next flight is 10 hours just like the first flight. So, I went to the service desk and asked for different seating arrangements. The agent was able to seat Kristine and I in a center row with no one else. We’ll have 4 seats to ourselves. We should be able to stretch out and get some rest.

I slept all the way from Amsterdam to Minneapolis! It was awesome! I just laid down across the seats, covered my head with a blanket, and snoozed. Unfortunately, Kristine did not have that opportunity. I may suffer for that one for a while.

We will arrive in Missoula around midnight. The final leg is here. I can’t wait to get home.

What a gift this has been for Kristine and me. This was our first international missions trip together. It has been great for both of us. I’m not sure how much impact was made on the Ugandan people we met and served, but our lives have been forever changed.