Uganda Mission Trip Journal – Allen and Kristine James

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April 15, 2018

We finished setting the trusses today. The workers seemed to grasp the process a little better today. We were able to get all of them set and started the per-lines for the metal roofing. It was a long hard day, but it was good.

Saying goodbye to some of the people tonight was harder than I expected. I especially connected with one of the young men who was working with us on the school house. His name is Paul. He is a “Born again”. That is what the locals call the ones who have accepted Christ as their savior. This distinguishes them from Catholics. Paul has a very sweet spirit about him. He insisted on taking a selfie with me before I left. He is a special young man.

We packed up our things and departed for Entebbe to catch our flight. Our plane is leaving very late. So, we don’t have to leave until this afternoon. The long trip to the lake, across the lake, and the drive to Entebbe from Kampala will be challenging. Still, we are anxious to go home. We have missed our children more than we could have imagined. I am grateful for this opportunity, but I’m ready to leave.