50 Saved at Get Real East 2018

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Get Real East 2018

Yes, you read that correctly. We had 50 souls saved at Get Real East 2018, including some adults!

Was your church a part of it?

I can’t think of a better way to get people excited about Jesus than to see people turn their lives over to Him for salvation.

Check out what happened!

  • 200 students from around the state gathered for worship, Bible teaching, and encouragement to share their faith in Christ.
  • 68 volunteer youth workers got valuable training for the work they do and spent time building deeper, trusting relationships with their students.
  • 50 people changed their eternal destination from hell to heaven.
  • We had groups of all shapes and sizes at GRE18 this year:

  • From 52 students in one group, to just two students in another, no group was too big or too small. Our average group size was seven students, with two or three leaders.
  • Lead pastors, associate pastors, interns, parents, and volunteers all came to support their students and come alongside them as they came to faith for the first time or continued to grow and mature.
  • You can watch all 4 of the sessions with speaker Wade Morris, the youth worker training with Adam Burt, and see pictures, videos, and updates on what’s happening in Next-Gen ministry across Montana here:

    Get Real East 2018 Sessions & Training
    Next-Gen Page

    Mark your calendars now to attend Get Real West in Missoula, November 9-10, 2018, so you can be a part of what God is doing with students in Montana churches.

    Adam Burt
    Next-Gen Director

    Get Real East 2018

    Get Real East 2018

    Get Real East 2018

    Get Real East 2018

    Get Real East 2018

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