Refresh Montana 2017 Highlights

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New Leadership

New MTSBC leadership as voted in during Refresh 2017: President Lee Merck, lead pastor at Church of the Rockies (right); Vice President Chad Scarborough, lead pastor at First Baptist Church Shelby, Mt (left); along with outgoing president Darren Hales, lead pastor of Big Sky Fellowship, Helena (center).

Planting Talk

Caleb Groteluschen (Capstone Church, Helena) and William Johnson (MTSBC Church Starting Team Leader) discuss the successes and challenges of church planting.

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Refresh 2017 was held at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Billings, Montana.


Greg Payton (The Rock Church, Laurel; left), William Johnson (MTSBC Church Starting Team; center) and Doug Hutcheson (MTSBC Church Strategies Team; right) talk during the retirement celebration for Doug.


Barrett Duke (MTSBC Executive Director; left) and Caleb Groteluschen (Capstone Church, Helena; right) have a discussion.

New President

New MTSBC president Lee Merck meets with another Refresh attendee.

Doug Hutcheson

Doug Hutcheson celebrates retirement with a new pair of waders and custom built fly rod.

Dr. Stephen Rummage

Dr. Stephen Rummage (Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, FL) preaches during the Thursday night session.


Attendees pay close attention during Dr. Rummage’s message.


Refresh is a great time to laugh, fellowship, and catch up with other workers from all over Montana.


Vendors line “Main Street” in Emmanuel Baptist Church (Billings), while attendees fellowship.


Dr. Stephen Rummage leads a breakout session on Thursday morning.


Chad Hessler (Senior Pastor at Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church, East Helena; left) and Doug Hutcheson (MTSBC Church Strategies Team Leader; right) have a discussion on church strategies in Montana in 2017.


Lively, passionate worship was led by Emmanuel Baptist Church’s worship team.

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