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How much does the Bible really say about parenting? (A lot!)

And does any of it apply in our modern age? (Yes)

Recently, the congregation at Libby Baptist Church got the answer to those questions and many more during the Next-Gen Parent Workshop. We began on Sunday morning with Pastor Zane Officer opening his pulpit to Next-Gen Director Adam Burt to share what biblical parenting looks like. We started in Deuteronomy 6 and moved all the way through Jesus’ teaching in the New Testament, followed by a quick walk through the common idols in teen culture, just as the apostle Paul walked through the idols in Athens (Acts 17:16, 23).

Some of the most shocking observations included:

The average teenager consumes 9 hours of media DAILY!
11 years old is the average age when a student is first exposed to pornography.
Teen’s number one complaint about parents is that they, “Just don’t listen.”

Pastor Zane closed the morning service by inviting everyone to bring a friend back that evening for a free meal at the church, followed by a more in depth look at the challenges facing parents today and how to overcome them. Parents, grandparents, youth workers, and also Pastor Cam Foote from nearby Troy Community Baptist Church arrived for the meal and training that followed, which looked at practical tips to help adults be a godly influence in the lives of students closest to them. We then looked at how to best help their students navigate the tricky teen years and remain in the world but not of the world (John 17:4).

The tips ranged from simple to complex such as:

No devices (phones, tablets, TV) during meals so family conversation can take place
Preparing students to make decisions completely on their own by age 18 (Since that’s exactly what they’ll be doing when they go off to college or the work force)

We concluded the evening by answering questions ranging from music and movies to sexuality and social media. All in all, it was an eye opening and equipping experience for everyone in attendance.

If you’d like to bring the Next-Gen Parent Workshop to your church, contact Next-Gen Director Adam Burt at 406-672-5532 or

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Adam Burt is the Next-Gen team leader for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention.