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This summer, students from around the nation will be serving in a Montana church near you as a Student Missionary. Fifteen students in 7 churches, to be exact.

Recently, I visited with Pastor Stan Bricker of Valley Baptist Church in Huntley and his Student Missionary Brian Cordle to hear about their experience in the Student Missionary program.

Here are some highlights:

Adam: Pastor, how has your Student Missionary helped your ministry?

Pastor Stan: Brian has done anything and everything that we’ve asked of him. If I could get more students like him, I’d take every single one of them.

Adam: Hey Brian, what exactly does Pastor Stan have you doing?

Brian: I do whatever needs to get done around the church. But I’m more than just a handyman or gardener. I get to teach the youth, help plan sermons, and be a part of meetings just like I’m on staff at the church.

Adam: How does the church benefit from your service in MT this summer?

Brian: I want to serve the pastor and church so they can have more time to accomplish what God has called them to do in preaching, shepherding, or outreach.

Adam: What are you learning from your time at Valley Baptist Church?

Brian: I’m growing spiritually myself, expanding my understanding of what the kingdom of God is, and helping future churches.

Adam: What’s next for you at the end of your service in the Student Missionary program?

Brian: I just graduated from North Greenville University with a BA in youth ministry and I’m applying to be a Journeyman Missionary. If I didn’t already have an apartment lined up back home, I’d probably just stay here in Montana.

Wow! What an awesome experience for both the host church and the Student Missionary. To learn more about how your church could host a Student Missionary in 2018 contact Next-Gen Director Adam Burt or visit the Student Missions page.



Student Missions

Student Missions