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The Bells were married in 1998 and have four wonderful children – Tyler likes sports and outdoor activities, Haley enjoys acting and writing plays and stories, Katelyn enjoys gymnastics and being with her family and Caleb enjoys NASCAR racing and wrestling with his brother.

In the August of 2009 Ken began attending Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary/College in Kansas City, Mo. Ken graduated in the spring of 2013 earning a Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies. Before attending Midwestern, we lived and worked in Salmon, Idaho. Ken worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a Wildland Fire Manager. Cary also attended college where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Deaf Studies. She taught second grade for six years and then the Lord called her to stay home and focus on being a wife and homeschooling mother to our children. She has been involved in leading children’s ministry, leading vacation Bible school and teaching women’s Bible studies.

As a family we have always enjoyed being outside together and enjoying outdoor activities. One of our favorite things to do is take a walk together or find a nice trail to hike. We love being out in God’s creation and marveling at His majesty.

Bonner Area

Bonner sits at the intersection of two major highways. The Blackfoot and the Clark Fork Rivers merge near Bonner. These rivers are a large attraction during the summer season. The community of Bonner, Montana is located 6 miles east of downtown Missoula. Missoula is the 2nd largest city in Montana, with a population of over 70,000. Bonner and the surrounding communities have a population of 7,000. Most of the population commutes to Missoula for work. In 2008 one of Montana’s largest saw mills closed in Bonner leaving over 400 people without work. The sawmill and the logging industry have a long history and have defined who the community was. The sense of “community” was focused around the mill and since the closing of it, nothing has taken its place. The Bonner school (k-8) and the activities associated with it have become a place where people of the area gather together.


Population is 7,000 and is made up of the communities of Bonner, Milltown, West Riverside, East Missoula, Potomac, and Clinton.
There are 6 churches spread out through all the communities (Southern Baptist, 1 catholic, 1 Lutheran, 1 non-denominational, 2 Community type churches)
Average median age is 38 years
59.4% are family households


Outfitting the body to rescue the searching through uniquely Montanan ministries


We will intentionally engage families in Bonner, Montana and surrounding areas who are not currently attending a church. Our focus will be on building relationships with families and individuals to build trust and to display Christ in our lives to them as we all do life together.


Western Montana abounds with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, white water rafting, rock climbing, snowmobiling, skiing, camping or hiking. Unfortunately, this has made it very hard to reach those who are not in church, as these activities typically take place on the weekends. This church plant will not look like a traditional church or meet according to traditional time lines. We will seek to reach the community in a manner and time when they are more available and receptive to meet and worship God.


We will reach the community through meeting real, felt needs in people’s lives. We believe that to reach the culture, we need to be intentional about making personal relationships. To do this, church services would have to take place sometime during the work week. This would allow those that we seek to share the gospel with, to still be engaged in their activities with their family and friends on the weekend. It will also provide opportunities for us to seek and build relationships during that time with people doing what they love to do.

The Church


Outdoor Life Ministries


P.O. Box 145
Milltown, MT 59851

The Family


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Family Members & Birthdays

Ken Bell (2/1)
Cary Bell (12/6)
Anniversary 10/3

Tyler (9/13)
Haley (12/19)
Katelyn (1/18)
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